Standard Ballroom Dancing

On this page you’ll find images of our ballroom dancing.  We dance ballroom standard at competition level in the senior 3 category: 55 -65 year olds. This sport (!)  isn’t just about the dress, the make-up and the shiny things. 95 % of ballroom dancing consists of practising techical qualities, improving your skills, gym, work out and stretching. Training, training, training.
But, we think it’s fun. It keeps our bodies and minds healthy. It takes us to places we never imagined going to and we get to meet people we never thought to meet.

It all started when we were asked to participate in a competition that was co-organised by the dance school we were having social dancing classes. Unaware of what to expect we said yes. We were told it would be a piece of cake. Well, that was an exaggeration. We were out of the competition in no time.
However the seed was sown and a year later, in 2009, we made a propper start in the senior competition, beginners level: have a look at this video.  From that moment on it went upwards by trial and error, until we were promoted into the highest level ( called hoofdklasse in the Netherlands). It was at DENS Gala where we performed our first solo dance ( a 30 second general look at the start of the finals) In 2017  we became Dutch champions senior 3 for the first time and that same year we won our first WDSF competition in Kaunas.
More informatie about our dancing you can read here and in the blogs I occasionally write about dancing.